House of Food Productions is a multi-media production company that creates exceptional and creative videos for:

- Internal corporate initiatives
- External messages to the marketplace
- Training aids
- Special events
(e.g., weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc.)

During the past five years we have worked in Hollywood for many prestigious clients, and just this past spring moved back to the Rochester, NY area. Our president, David Danesh, spent 7 years in management consulting with an international firm so we can understand what messages mean when businesses are communicating to customers, employees, investors, vendors or a combination thereof.

We are responsible for all aspects of production, including pre-production planning, casting, filming and all post-production activity. In addition, we can output to any format that suits your purpose, including VHS, DVD, CD-ROM, digital tape or streaming media for web broadcast.

House of Food has the production capabilities to meet any production challenge. We have experience using the following production elements:

  Our business model allows us to be creative and adaptive with the ability to move nimbly. What distinguishes us from other video production houses is that we are a group of highly skilled filmmakers with proficiency for challenging video projects that have short production time frames. However, we are equally capable in large, commercial productions as we are in small, time-sensitive projects. The size of our crew is scalable to meet your needs.